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    Applying to Together Guild


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    Applying to Reprise Guild

    Post  Reprise.admin on Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:10 am

    Welcome to Reprise Guild forum,

    Please before fill your data read carefully:


    - You need to be at least level 80 to apply to TG
    - We are not interested in recruiting alts.
    - Complete our interview


    1. Enjoy the game and use your imagination!! Remember this is a game and it should be a funny adventure, not a kind of hell.

    2. NO RPK: we are a friendly guild, which means we want not enemies, because although it is not our main target, we are trying to reach high levels without be disturbed, so remember we are not allowed to do random PK.

    3. NO DRAMA: Drama is not allowed in this guild. If you have any problem with someone, you must try to solve it with that person by whisper system. If you were not able to solve your problem that way, you should share it with our officers. But please, remember the guild chat do not must be used to do that; the rest of guildies should not be involved in your own problems.

    4. NO HACKS/ NO SCAM: we are not allowed to use hacks or stuff like that in our guild. And that also mean NO SCAM: No catshop/bullshop scamming. Please try to understand that it could bring a lot of problems to our family. Fair Play!!

    5. Help is NOT A MUST: when you are forced to do something, you usually start to evade those situations where the rest of people could need your help. This happens simply because you do not feel free to decide for yourself; help must come from your heart. So on this guild Help is NOT A MUST, just help when you wish, and please do no QQ when you are not getting help from others, try to understand that the rest of people might be busy with their own affairs and be patient, you probably will get help in other chance.

    6. NO personal KOS: if you have a personal KOS, please, leave for yourself the guild until you solve it. Your guild should not be involved in your personal KOS since we are not interested in get enemies.



    Now, please let us know the following things (copy and paste these questions in your own thread):

    1. Name:
    2. Level:
    3. Class:
    4. What do you expect from our guild and what can you do for us?:
    5. Are you planning to stay longer?:
    6. Do you agree with the Non Random Pk Rule and the rest of our main rules?:
    7. Why do you want to join us?:
    8. Are you on any Personal KoS?:
    9. What guild are you coming from and why do you left them?
    10. [Optional] Personal Comments:

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